The Talk of Wells - Susi Rogers-Hartley

12 Dec 2016
We were given a truly inspiring talk by the paralympian show jumper Susi Rogers-Hartley in aid of the Wells United Charities. Susi who was paralysed from the waist down 20 years ago is one of the most determined, ingenious, uplifting speakers and makes you think twice about moaning in the morning. It was Susi who appeared as the horsewoman in the TV advert celebrating 250 years of Lloyds bank. She is a very busy woman, putting her new horse Summer (a former show jumper) through her paces, retraining her into the ways of dressage, thinking already of the possibilities of going to the Olympics in Japan. Whilst she isn't riding and training her horses she is making jewellery and working with leather. As a former saddle maker, saddles are now to bulky for her to move about so she makes boxes with beautiful celtic designs. There's an old adage - ask a busy woman . . . ! A real inspiration, all those who attended marvelled at her thirst for life. Thanks for coming and talking to us Susi!