Talk of Wells - Peter Barton

19 Mar 2018
Peter Barton is a British military historian, author and filmmaker specialising in trench warfare during World War I. Peter has published extensively on military mining and aspects of battlefield archaeology on the Western Front, and led archaeological excavations that have been featured in several Time Team episodes. His work has led to the rediscovery of many underground tunnels, wartime panoramas and mass graves of soldiers. His BBC series on WW1 was difficult for him to make as the BBC were not brave enough to broadcast some of the less savoury facts about the British Army that Peter discovered through his intensive reading of the German interrogations of British soldiers. Tonight's talk held some difficult truths not previously spoken of in public regarding the amount of information gleaned from British soldiers when they were captured by the Germans. A fascinating talk.

This was part of our series of the Talk of Wells to raise funds for the Wells Malting Trust. TheTrust which was set up in 2010 to oversee the regeneration and development of the Maltings, Sackhouse and Granary Theatre in Wells-next-the-Sea and to create an exciting new cultural and community hub for North Norfolk with an exciting and diverse programme of imaginative and distinct entertainment including theatre, music, comedy, cinema and exhibitions and an immersive heritage attraction. It will be North Norfolk’s Premier Arts & Heritage Centre.