Talk of Wells - Commander Tom Herman RN OBE

04 Nov 2019
On Monday, 4 November we had a truly fascinating talk and slideshow from Commander Tom Herman, who commanded Starboard Crew of the Polaris missile carrying submarine HMS RENOWN as part of our fundraising talks to raise funds for the Wells Sea Cadet Corps. Tom joined the Royal Navy in 1974 from school. After training, including a Degree in Systems and Management, he joined the submarine service in 1979. His early submarine career included appointments to the diesel submarines HMS ONSLAUGHT and HMS PORPOISE and nuclear submarines HMS SWIFTSURE and HMS SCEPTRE. He completed the submarine long navigation course in 1984 and was subsequently the first Navigating Officer of HMS TIRELESS. Success in the Submarine Command Course, known as the Perisher, led to his appointment to command the diesel submarine HMS OPOSSUM in 1979. Two happy years were spent in operations from the Arctic Circle to the Falkland Islands. It was after this that he took command of HMS Renown. Coming ashore in 1994 he was appointed as Commander SM of the First Submarine Squadron in Faslane and oversaw the introduction into service of the Vanguard Class Trident submarines. His talk to us about the 'Nuclear Deterrent' was highly enlightening, very succinct and immensely enjoyable.